Foldable Mini Drone With HD Camera or No Camera with FREE Shipping!

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Foldable Mini-Drone comes in three colors: red, white, or blue!

Choose your drone with or without camera!

With a drone with camera, you can take and view awesome aerial photography!


Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly and control a drone?

  • Drones take a bit of practice to learn how to fly safely.
  • Here is a drone that you can control with your Smartphone!
  • This is a smaller drone that is relatively easy to fly, and can also hover!
  • Works with most any smartphone!

Learn to fly in 8 minute flights at a time!

It takes 40 minutes to fully charge the drone. The remote distance is 50 Meters. So, you can fly up to 50 meters away!

This drone is ready to fly, right out of the box!

Buy with confidence! There is a 30 day warranty!

There is a lot that you get with this drone, like: 

  • Remote Controller
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • Operating Instructions
  • USB Cable

Please allow 12 to 25 days for delivery. A short wait for something great!

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