30,000 mAh Solar Power Bank Double USB for Smartphones with FREE Shipping!

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Road Warrior Essentials:

This Solar Power Bank Battery Pack could save your life in an emergency! Just think of how losing battery on your smartphone can cut you off from communications, and it is even worse if there is a power outage, or if you are somehow stranded without electrical connectivity. How can you share your location, reach out to loved ones, or call for help with no power?

A Solar Power Battery Pack that can charge 2 USB devices at the same time by the power of the sun!

  • With 30,000 mAh you will have ample charging power for your devices!
  • Charge any 2 USB devices while the device charges itself by the sun, or take time out and power it at an AC outlet.

Travelers love this device because they can keep their devices powered anywhere! When you are out in the field, you can keep your devices powered.

Moreover, in the event of a power failure, you have the backup power of sunlight.

People have been stuck in their cars with no electricity to charge their smartphone. Solar Power bank comes through for you!


The Solar Powerbank is stylish! it comes in many colors: black, gold, silver, blue, rose, and red!

  • Add a high-speed charger cord, from our collection, and you can keep ample power available while you are going about your day.
  • At Knecthome we offer high-speed charger cords at different lengths, and various colors to choose from; both Android and Lightning cords for Apple iPhones!
  • You will love the portability and utility of this Solar Power Bank USB charger!

It has a small flashlight, built into the device, for those times you can't find your keys!

While supplies last!

  • Make this your new favorite thing!

  • Give one as a gift!

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Type: Emergency / Portable
Support Quick Charge Technology: Two-way Quick Charge
Output Interface: 5V/2A
Quality Certification: ce,KEMA,RoHS,PCT,CCC
Output Interface: Single USB
Battery Capacity: 25001-30000mAh
Supports Solar Energy: Yes
Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery
Weight: 222g
Is LED Lamp Illumination: Yes
Input Interface: Micro USB
Size: 153mmx 76mm x 9mm