LED Lighting, whether RF or Bluetooth, improves the look and feel of the space where it is placed!

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LED Lighting, whether RF or Bluetooth, improves the look and feel of the space where it is placed!

Light-emitting diode, or LED, lighting is a bright, full, lighting source that generates quality light, generates reduced heat compared to incandescent bulbs, and lets you control lights wirelessly, whether Radio-Frequency, RF, or Bluetooth technology.

Some varieties of LED Lighting are waterproof. Waterproof LED Lighting makes it easier to use this type of lighting outside, in various weather conditions. Since LEDs tend to have a longer service life, and cost less to operate, they are a much sought after replacement to traditional, incandescent bulbs.

RF Lighting is controlled by a remote controller. It might not connect to your smart device as the controller, but you can control devices that are in the room with you.

Bluetooth controlled lights, as well as other devices, generally work through an app, or application, and you can control devices via a combination of WiFi, and Bluetooth, via internet access. For example, you can change the temperature on your Nest thermostat from another state, or another country!

RF Lighting is both affordable and functional. You can buy light strips, at 1 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter, 4 meter, and 5 meter increments, right here on knecthome.myshopify.com at this link:

Make sure you choose between the US Plug and the EU Plug, and you will get the RF Remote. These rf lighting strips are both: waterproof, trimmable, and self-stick!

These lights have many possible applications, like:

  • under a cabinet in kitchen or bath
  • lighting a platform
  • light a walkway
  • brighten dark stair wells
  • beautify bowling alleys
  • bring out barbershops
  • bedazzle beauty salons


The choice is yours!

Choose from White, or Warm White colors. You can dim the lights, and change the atmosphere in the space you place them.

You can get these: LED RF lighting strips, in white or warm white, right here:

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